Costume of Warmth


16 七月 2018


設計/建築 Design/Architecture , 視覺藝術 Visual Art , 攝影/電影 Photography/Film

Costume of Warmth


“Costume of Warmth” is an apparel photography installation exhibition that is dedicated to the cultural exchange of countries along the countries of the Belt and Road Initiatives, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, Russia and Ukraine.  The exhibition was curated with a balance of regional zoning as well as the conceptual zoning.  The walking path of viewing follows the trip from Ukraine, to Russia, Mongolia, China Mainland and Hong Kong, China.  Concurrently, the path also follows the concept of “garments that keep you warm,” “garments that warm your heart,” and “garments that get you excited.”  We hope you enjoy this exhibition and in the coming years, we shall continue with the themes of “food, house, and transportation.”


Exhibition period: 11 July - 24 July 2018

Exhibition Title: Costume of Warmth

Location: The Fashion Gallery

Address: Room MN109, 1/F Li Ka Shing Tower, PolyU

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday, 9am - 12:30pm, 1:30pm - 5:45pm (except public holidays)

Enquiries: +852 2766 6511