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銀呀!部落侵略者 Infection Invader


日期:2020年12月10日 至 2021年1月15日

《銀呀!部落侵略者》為一個沉浸式互動展覽,當中將展出三位香港年輕藝術家馮穎琳、林笑瑛、詹昫嵐,希望探索人與病毒之間的緊密關係。為回應這微妙的聯繫, 藝術家們以一個結合線上與實境部分的參與式裝置,虛擬了人類社群互動而彼此傳播的感染狀況。當每位公眾透過線上遊戲展開「傳染病特訓班」,現場的電子裝置便會接收數據並展現集體成果。 展覽同時更會展示藝術家們進行科學研究和創作的各種過程紀錄,如筆記、照片與影片等。

對藝術家們而言,傳染病就像顯微鏡般,能透視人際間的紐帶關係,更可啟發人們對與其他生物共處這狀況的思考及抉擇。科學研究中指出,病毒自人類共同祖先時期已開始不斷演化,亦會繼續與人類的未來發展交織。放眼現在,口罩已變得不可或缺,而「呼吸」這一詞也開始獲得新的意義。氧氣作為各種物種的共同生存所需,令呼吸這個生理活動能緊密地連結起不同的生態群組。因此 ,這個展覽希望以呼吸作為「媒介」,以連繫人類社群與病毒群體。

《銀呀!部落侵略者》旨在探討有關人類與病毒之間兩者互相克制卻又依賴的關係。病毒學從不只關乎個人,而是個可連帶影響社群結構和生態系統的議題。 置於生物群體中,我們難以獨自克服傳染病。《銀呀!部落侵略者》鼓勵公眾從身臨其境的體驗中,體驗群體與生態系統的微妙關係,以至想像我們與傳染病在未來如何共存。


**Since the Cattle Depot Artist Village is temporarily closed, this programme will be held online:

Date: Dec 10, 2020 - Jan 15, 2021

Infection Invader is an immersive and participatory exhibition, which explores the close connection between humans and viruses. The artists created an interactive installation combining online and on-site devices to help visualise the infectious relationship between people. Audiences are encouraged to play the ‘Infectious Disease Training Course’ game from the exhibition’s online platform and observe how the sculptures in the gallery reflect the audiences’ performance in the game. Part of the exhibition showcase notes, photographs and videos documenting the scientific research and production stages of the artwork.

To the artists, infectious diseases are like microscopes which render visible connections between human beings. At the same time, diseases compel people to reflect on their coexistence with other organisms. Scientific research has shown that viruses have been evolving since the era of universal common ancestor and they will continue to be inextricably intertwined with human lives in the future. Nowadays when surgical masks became indispensable, breathing starts to acquire new meanings. Every ounce of oxygen is connected via the survival needs of different species, and the breath of individuals weaves an intimate network between ecological groups. Hence, the exhibition uses breath as a ‘medium’ to connect human and virus communities.

The intention of Infection Invader is to encourage discussions on the mutually restrained and reliant relationship between humans and viruses. Virology is not a personal issue; it affects the community structure and ecosystem. From the biological community point of view, it is difficult for us to overcome infectious diseases alone. Through an immersive experience, Infections Invader encourages the public to experience the subtle tie between community and ecosystem and to imagine how we can coexist with infectious disease in the future.


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