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一期一會,是此次江上越繪畫作品展覽的主題,從精神格言的角度來接受生命短暫的更通俗說法,可以簡單的翻譯(從日文到英文)為“生命中僅僅一次的相遇”。在日文中這個成語如同禪宗的深奧,將轉瞬即逝的欣賞提升為生活的理想方式。江上越是一位極具代表性的第三代日本戰後當代藝術家。1994年出生於東京郊區,在美國和歐洲度過了她的童年,這很好地解釋了她為何自然地傾向去探索這些“誤譯”。她目前在位於北京的中央美術學院攻讀博士學位,在那裡也完成了她的本科學位和碩士學位,期間她在卡魯斯魯厄藝術與設計大學學習了一年。她所選取的合作教授點亮了她作品的展示形式: 現在,她和傑出的中國當代藝術家劉小東合作。

所有這些作品都是在北京第一波的疫情中創作,期間旅行是不可能的,特別是它們是屬於封城這段期,其實也是我們不得不“活在當下”的時期。 疫情框架出這些作品,改變我們對 “一期一會”這個成語最初始的理解。消逝的光環盤旋在這些作品的表面,從不要求我們去檢視它的影響而這個影響是確實存在的。江上越的作品可以說是去年的所有創作中最有意義的一批。也許是因為深深根植於她的DNA,江上越似乎一直在探索社交距離——語言或文化差異的距離——並貫穿於她的藝術生涯。她並不是隨波逐流或者更糟糕地說,利用這場世界範圍的災難來創造收益。在她的臉部畫作中,我們觀測到了人性。 這些畫作讓我們想去邂逅這些人物並開始一段交談,也許是為了持續更多的困惑,或者是為了尋找出我們跨越彼此之間的差異並彼此理解的能力。

Whitestone Gallery H Queen’s is delighted to present a solo exhibition by the Japanese artist Etsu Egami. “Ichigo Ichie”, is the title of Egami’s colorful works, loosely translated (from Japanese to English) from a spiritual dictum to accept the transience of life to the more colloquial Once in a Lifetime. In Japanese, this phrase is as deep as Zen Buddhism, elevating appreciation of the fleeting moment to the ideal approach to life. Egami is a leading representative of the third generation of postwar Japanese contemporary artists. Born in a suburb of Tokyo in 1994, Egami spent many of her childhood years in the United States and Europe, which partially explains her natural inclination to explore mis-translation. She is currently pursuing her PhD at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, where she completed her BFA (2016) and MFA (2019), spending a year in between at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. Her choice of professors also illuminates her outlook on art, now working with Liu Xiaodong, the leading narrative painter in China today.

All of the exhibited works were made in Beijing during the first wave of the pandemic when travel was impossible and their emphasis on time is particularly suited to the period of lockdown when we all had to live “one day at a time.” The pandemic frames these works and alters our initial understanding of the phrase, Ichigo Ichie. The aura of death hovers on the surface of these works, never requiring us to see its impact but the impact is there nonetheless. Of the many paintings created in the past year, Etsu Egami’s paintings are some of the most meaningful. Perhaps because it is embedded in her DNA, it seems that Egami has been investigating a kind of social distancing—distance due to language or cultural differences—throughout her career. She is not jumping on a bandwagon or worse yet, capitalizing on a worldwide disaster. In her panopticon of faces, we see humanity. These paintings make us want to meet those figures and start a conversation, maybe to perpetuate more confusion or maybe to find out that we are capable of bridging our differences and understand each other.






Whitestone Gallery


Exhibition Date: 05.08 - 24.08.2021

開放時間:11:00 - 19:00(逢星期日、一休息)

Opening Hours: 11:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Sunday and Monday)

地址:香港中環皇后大道中80號H Queen’s 7-8樓

Address: 7-8/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

(852) 2523 8001


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