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Letting Go. Carry On: A Capacity Building Initiative

"Letting Go. Carry On : A Capacity Building Initiative" is a joint initiative that will provide holistic interactive digital experiences and a participatory programme to foster the learning of resilience.

As the first part of the initiative, "Letting Go" focuses on the introspection of resilience. This exhibition is also the Phase I of Letting Go in January 2021, that comprises 16 sets of works by 9 local emerging artists: Chan Kan Shan Alice, Fong Chi Yung Kelvin, Kwok Hiu Hin, Kwok Yee Miu, Leung Lai Man Jess, Terence Leung, Ma Wing Man, Mak Wing Yan, Pak Hin Tang Shawn, Tsang Ming Fai Kazaf. These 9 participating artists are commissioned to create works that examine, reflect, and inspire a sense of resilience, the willingness to adapt, and motivation to overcome obstacles, and deal with ambiguity, uncertainty and rejection.

In Letting Go - Phase II, the same groups of artists will utilise Augmented Reality (AR) technology in a more experiential sequel in June 2021 while another initiative "Carry On" will focus on the extroverted processes of resilience through communal activities, such as artists-led (online) community events/workshops etc. with another group of artists (for more information, please see the below link)

The component of "Letting Go" is spearheaded by creative director Kingsley Ng, curated by Janet Fong and Eugenia Law, with the artistic consultancy of Peter Benz. Co-presented by the Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU and 1a space, "Letting Go. Carry On : A Capacity Building Initiative" is supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council "Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme". For more information, please click on

"Letting Go. Carry On: A Capacity Building Initiative"

Letting Go - Phase I

Organization: Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

Exhibition Date: 23.1.-23.02.2021

(852) 3411‭ ‬8272


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