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香港賽馬會當代舞蹈平台十周年《Mokita》/《眾聲起舞》 Mokita / Voice Out

《Mokita》由英國 popping舞大師迪克森.姆比與香港四位街舞舞者共同創作,開拓身體和靈魂的維度,跨越舞蹈語言及地域文化,解開人們心中不敢觸碰的無言真相。編舞及四位編創舞者均來自不同派別丶背景,成就一次疫情中的真正「過界」創作!


日期:2021年3月26日(五)/ 2021年3月27日(六)

開始時間:晚上8時15分 / 下午3時 (演出長約1小時30分鐘,包括一節中場休息)

地點: 香港文化中心




Up-and-coming artists come together to unleash the cry of the body in this super-charged double-bill. In Mokita—meaning “a truth that everyone knows but nobody speaks”—British dancer-choreographer Dickson Mbi will guide five local dancers across the boundaries of their diverse training backgrounds to develop new movement vocabularies that express the unvoiced dimensions of body and soul. Voice Out showcases the distinctive creations of four local dancer choreographers: former Cloud Gate 2 dancer Dever Chan, recent P.A.R.T.S. graduate Chan Wai-lok, and rising independent artists Alice Ma and Pansy Lo. Their personal statements will be woven together by Berlin-based director and dramaturg Tian Gebing into one coherent chorus of voices.

Date: 26 Mar 2021 (Fri) / 27 Mar 2021 (Sat)

Starting time: 8:15 pm / 3 pm (Approx 1 hr and 30 mins incl one interval)

Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre

(10 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

Ticket: HKD150


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