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香港歌劇院:「卡門」Opera Hong Kong: Carmen





19:30 2021.5.13-15

14:45/19:30 2021.5.16

票價|$900, $780, $620, $480, $320, $180


Riding on the great success of Carmen in 2018 with five performances completely sold out, Opera Hong Kong will revive this magnificent production in early 2021. Featuring a stellar cast, Carmen is given a modern sheen with an innovative nested rotating set embellished with creative lighting.

Combining Spanish passion with French lyricism, the timeless classic unveils a story of passion, destiny but above all freedom — liberty! — and one unforgettable woman who lives and loves by it, a man consumed by her, and the woman who tries to save him. The unforgettable music stays in the mind and rhythms pound in the heart for days afterwards.

Venue | Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Date & Time |

19:30 2021.5.13-15

14:45/19:30 2021.5.16

Ticketing | $900, $780, $620, $480, $320, $180


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