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破冰 2020 — 香港當代藝術展 / Breakthrough 2020 — Master of Art in Hong Kong

天趣將於推展覽「破冰 2020 — 香港當代藝術展」,展期由12月 31日至 2021年 3月10日。 是次展覽將邀請多位在香港藝術學術德高望重的藝術家們 — 朱達誠、林天行、呂豐雅、王守清、沈平、林鳴崗、許恩琦等共同參與。破冰,希翼突破艱冰,迎接春暖花開時。此次展出的作品或繪製於疫情嚴峻時期,或雖為過往精品之作,但於此時卻更能體悟 出特殊的新力量。我們希望這些在嚴峻時期裡對外界的觀察和內心的自省,以及獨特的審視目光和感受,能在這嚴峻時期予以觀者更多精神力量,誓破冰封,以煥發新的生命重生。

Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery proudly presents “Breakthrough 2020 - Master of Art in Hong Kong”. The exhibition can be viewed from 31st December 2020 until 10th March 2021. This exhibition will showcase artworks from 7 highly respected artists in Hong Kong, including Chu Tat Shing, Lam Tianxing, Eddie Liu, Wong Sau Ching, Shen Ping, Lam Man Kong, and Hui Yan Ki. Breakthrough the coldness and welcome the warmth of spring. The artworks showcased were created during Covid-19 or those created in the past but filled with new meaning. We hope with the observation of the outside world and self-examination, as well as the intense scrutiny and feelings can rejuvenate the people with strength.

城內城外1840s City Within City c1840,

呂豐雅 Eddie Lui, 75x91cm,


Silkscreen print AP (Ed18),2019

潛意識 春綠 Subconscious - Spring Green, 王守清 Wong Sau Ching,155x110cm,

布面油畫 Oil on canvas,2020

Breakthrough 2020 - Master of Art in Hong Kong


Art of Nature


Exhibition Date: 31.12.2020 - 10.03.2021



Opening Hours: Monday to Friday : 10:00 - 19:00

Saturday : 12:00 - 19:00 (Closed: Sunday)

地址:荃灣美環街1號時貿中心21樓1 - 6室

Address: Rm. 2101 - 06, Mega Trade Centre, 1 Mei Wan Street, Tsuen Wan

(852) 2416 3632


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