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藝倡畫廊很榮幸舉行群展 “石頭記”,策展概念從文人墨客喜愛賞玩的奇石出發,從而引起雅俗和古今之間的對話。展出13位的藝術家分別來自香港和內地,通過二十多件作品的不同媒體──水墨、攝影、油畫、雕塑、裝置和錄像──重點展示了藝術家們多元化的探索和觀點。

賞石,有一種超凡脫俗的感覺──是中國美術史上的一個珍貴標誌。文人賞石,通過靜觀自在來體會山水的美。而奇石被認為是自然界的縮影,擁有提升豐富內涵的蛻變能力。從宋代開始,大型奇石是庭院園林不可或缺的特色,而小巧怪石則成為文人書房和書桌上的收藏品,它們的山峰兀立和別有洞天的造型,為文人雅士帶來了心性的“奇幻之旅”。 正如自古以來奇石擁有難以言傳的自然之美而受到讚賞一樣,它們今天仍然是啟發藝術家靈感和收藏家意興的泉源。奇石的抽象性促進了藝術家們對它的探索和詮釋的無限可能性。處於雄偉壯觀的大自然和堆山疊石的造景之間,這塊奇石也引起我們必須思考文化與自然之間的界限。 展覽“石頭記”對這個經典符號採取了一種輕鬆和玩味的手法,反映了我們對於真正喜愛的東西應該保持珍藏和珍惜的想法。

Alisan Fine Arts is honoured to present a group exhibition POP ROCK that uses the scholar’s rock as a starting point to create a dialogue between high and low culture, past and present. Featuring 13 artists from Hong Kong and mainland China, the exhibition highlights the diverse explorations and perspectives of artists working in a range of different media—ink, photography, oil, sculpture, installation and video.

There is something otherworldly about beholding a rock—a prized icon in Chinese art history. An object for meditation, the rock was believed to be imbued with primordial and supernatural energies capable of dynamic transformations. From the Song dynasty, large rocks were an essential feature in gardens, and smaller ones made up home or studio collections, where they offered “imaginary travel” to mystical peaks and cave paradises.

Just as rocks have been appreciated for their mystical and natural beauty since ancient times, they continue to serve as objects of inspiration and curiosity for artists and collectors today. The abstract forms of a rock lend itself to endless possibilities of exploration and interpretation. Standing between an object from nature and a readymade enhanced by human hand, the rock also compels us to ponder upon the boundaries between culture and nature.

POP ROCK takes an irreverent and playful approach on this classical symbol, reflecting the idea that objects that we truly care about should be kept close and cherished.

石頭記 一個關於奇石的展覽

POP ROCK An Exhibition About Rocks


Artists: Dong Wensheng; Han Lei; Hung Fai; Hung Keung; Koon Wai Bong; LaBar, Ryan; Pan Yingguo; Shi Jinsong; Wai Pong Yu; Yau Wing Fung; Zhang Jian-Jun; Zhang Xiaoli; Zhang Ying


Alisan Fine Arts


Exhibition Date: 13.8 - 6.11.2021

開放時間:10:00 - 18:00(星期一至六)

Opening Hours: 10:00 - 18:00 (Mon - Sat)


Address: 21/F Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace,

Central, Hong Kong

(852) 2526 1091


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