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慶祝女性歷史月 Soluna Fine Art「Once Upon 喁喁細語」

為慶祝女性歷史月, Soluna Fine Art 誠意呈獻「Once Upon 喁喁細語」展覽,首次為出生於90年代的香港新銳女性藝術家舉辦群展。本次展覽將展出六位藝術家:陳頌欣、劉詩敏、梁凱雅、 吳芮慇、黎栩雯以及王昱珊,共二十多件作品,包含現有及全新的作品。「Once Upon 喁喁細語」的 展覽為二零二二年三月十七日至四月二十三日。

在1990年代出生的藝術家在前後兩代人之間擔當承上啟下的角色。他們在信息技術飛快發展和知 識平等共享的年代下成長,對模擬到數碼時代的發展非常敏銳。現在藝術家們已經走進了當代藝 術領域,在此刻不僅只討論作為全球焦點的性別議題,還有尤其在當下香港的各個議題:新冠疫 情、社會及政治變化、數位化轉型等等。

過去幾年的香港給我們大多數人留下既熟悉又陌生的錯配感。儘管我們與被稱為家的空間的距離 越來越遠,藝術家利用畫布來敘述(或者喁喁細語)他們的個人空間。雖然每位藝術家各自有獨特的 視覺語言和標記方式,但作品都不約而同地展現藝術家與生俱來的堅定信念,即創造或構建一個富 修復力並充滿希望的未來世界。

如同「Once Upon」這個短語,包含了想像或過去的世界,「Once Upon」展覽是一個虛擬回憶錄,展 示了藝術家的內心和外在世界之間,從抽象到具象的繪畫。在欣賞作品時,觀眾或許會明白,在當 下被悲怒籠罩的世界裡可以自由想像,身處模糊和不確定中未嘗不是好事。

To celebrate Women's History Month of March, Soluna Fine Art is proud to present 'Once Upon 喁喁細語', their first group exhibition of six emerging Hong Kong female artists born in the 1990s. This exhibition will showcase more than twenty new and existing artworks by artists: Joanne Chan, Lau Sze Man, Livy Leung Hoi Nga, Rosalyn Ng, Coco Ray Hui Man, and Wong Yuk Shan. Joanne Chan, Lau Sze Man, Livy Leung Hoi Nga, Rosalyn Ng, Coco Ray Hui Man, and Wong Yuk Shan. 'Once Upon 喁喁細語' will be on view from 17 March - 23 April 2022.

Artists born in the 1990s have acted as the intermediary between the generations before and after. Having grown up through the rapid growth in information technology and egalitarian knowledge-sharing, this generation of artists is keen and sensitive to the analog to digital age developments. Now, they have made their way into the contemporary art scene in a moment in time when it's not only just the gender issue that has become a global focal point but diverse topics that are particular to the present time in Hong Kong: pandemic, socio-political changes, digitalization and more.

The reality of the last few years of Hong Kong has left most of us with mismatched feelings that are familiar and unfamiliar. Despite the growing distance from the space called home, artists turn to their canvases to articulate (or whisper 喁喁細語) their personal space.


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