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平行宇宙愛情演繹法 Constellations










這個耐人尋味的故事出自英國鬼才編劇尼克.佩恩(Nick Payne)之手,2012 年首演於倫敦,獲「年度最佳劇作獎」,2015年更在百老匯上演巨星版,受到無數觀衆喜愛。今次北京「薪傳實驗劇團」帶來的中文版本,以多媒體式劇場進一步昇華, 導演王翀將鏡頭語彙與劇場空間融合,以客觀冷靜的即時影像,精妙的現場快切,建構起戲劇的雙重觀演空間。你不需要懂量子物理,更不必相信愛情童話,《平行宇宙愛情演繹法》關注的是選擇、擁有、失去、人性,關於一個個你我似曾相識但來不及反思的故事。


- 普通話演出,附中文及英文字幕

- 本節目含有不雅用語及成人情節,未滿十三歲不宜觀看

- 入場時需出示証件


2021年1月29日 晚上7時45分

2021年1月30日 晚上7時45分





門票開售日期 : 於11月29日起在澳門廣星傳訊售票網門市www.macauticket.com發售,信用卡購票熱線2840 0555


What are the odds of a honey farmer dating a scientist? One could say the possibilities are at the same time immense, and nil. Or that’s for us to find out in Constellations, a cinematic theatrical smash brought by the Théâtre du Rêve Experimental, a Beijing-based company led by internationally acclaimed maverick director Wang Chong.

According to the multi-universe theory, we are all living in countless dimensions. Seeking to portray these different realities, Wang used a dozen cameras, two hamsters and a clock-shaped stage to project the way cosmologist Liu Mei and bee-keeper Du Lei would fare in parallel universes. In this provocative piece, the director sheds light on themes such as time and space, effortlessly alternating between humour and tragedy. Originally written and produced by British theatre’s enfant terrible Nick Payne, Constellations premiered in London in 2012 where it was distinguished as Best Play of the Year. Staged for the first time in Beijing, Wang’s work was soon shot to the international scene having been presented on stages like Groningen and New York.

Combining filmic language with the theatrical space, this flaming play constructs a dual dramatic view to illustrate, in beautiful, simple fashion, both the vastness of our universe and the dimension of human solitude.

*CCM will host a post-performance talk with Wang Chong, right after each show, where the director will share with the audience insights on his theatrical concepts. *

- Performed in Mandarin, with Chinese and English subtitles

- This programme occasionally features language and content that some might find improper, only suitable for aged 13 or above.

-Proof of identity to be shown upon admission


2021.01.29 7:45pm

2021.01.30 7:45pm

Duration: approximately 90mins

Venue: Small Auditorium, Macao Cultural Centre

(Avenida Xian Xing Hai s/n, Nape-Macau)

Ticket: MOP180

Tickets are available from 29 Nov, 2020. ( / Kong Seng Ticketing Service Outlet / Credit Card Sales: 2840 0555)


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