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Among the broken notes and uncontrolled disciplines, let us re-adjust the shorted circuit, and adapt to the constant impairment

對於作曲家/媒體藝術家梁基爵來說,發聲和失聲可以是一生探索的題材,前作《18種發聲與失聲的方法》就是直接了當運用M+ 大台階的地理環境和場地的優點和缺點,化作成製造和消滅聲音的靈感,再從這些發聲和滅聲的過程衍生出情節和不同的視覺效果。



Another 18 Ways to Create or Mute Sound would be a stage production based on the concept of a 30-minute showcase 18 Ways to Create or Mute Sound in late November 2021 at the Grand Stair of M+ of the West Kowloon Cultural District.

As a cross-disciplinary artist who is enthusiastic in exploring various ways to apply technology in stage productions, GayBird will further develop his idea by integrating technology such as tracking system into a grand mechanical installation in this production.

This time he will use real-time tracking techniques to respond to performers and musicians’ live performances on stage.

He will also take advantage of the venue’s immersive audio system, with his newly created instruments and performing techniques, to give audience a special and thrilling visual and audio experience.



📆29-30*/7/2022 (五至六) 8pm

31/7/2022 (日) 3pm

*30/7 設有演後座談

💵$420, $280, $150

Another 18 Ways to Create or Mute Sound 🔉🔇

📍Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre

📆29-30*/7/2022 (Fri-Sat) 8pm

31/7/2022 (Sun) 3pm

*30/7 With post-performance talk

💵$420, $280, $150

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