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49位(組)藝術家首度登「台」展現臺灣當代藝術生「猛」新能量 國立臺灣美術館主辦的第七屆「2020台灣美術雙年展」(以下簡稱台雙展)將於2020年10月17日至2021年2月28日展出,本屆台雙展由臺灣藝術家姚瑞中擔任策展人,邀請49位(組)首次參與台雙展的藝術家,展出作品達201件(組),新作達96件(組),比例為歷年之冠,作品囊括繪畫、裝置、錄像、行為表演等多元形式。本次展覽更透過「培力策展」的方式,以國美館為核心,首度串聯中部地區之外空間推出「衛星展」及「平行展」,由各場域策展人就展覽主題策劃,試圖以實驗性的策展型態延展台雙展的跨域視角。 一座不存在世上的「動物園」即將登陸國美館 本屆台雙展提出「禽獸不如」(Subzoology)之命題,回應科學、藝術與哲學界對於人與動物之間關係的國際性議題。策展人藉由佛教「六道輪迴」之「畜生道」為切入點,以「金剛經」所列十種生物樣態,反思人類對自然生物的長期宰制,帶領社會大眾關注生態與環境議題,傳達出「善待生態環境」的展覽精神,探討後疫情時代下人與物種生態與其所生存的環境間的新關係。 展覽將透過「獻祭與救贖」、「生物經貿潛史」、「無名戰爭肖像」、「實驗室/手術室/標本室」、「節慶/沙洲/綠覆率」、「獸倣者/獸形人」、「棲息地/動物園/國家公園」等七個展覽子題與「行為暨臨場藝術/多媒體裝置表演」之規劃,將展覽空間構築成一座由理性思辨、心靈觸動及感官體驗交織而成的一座不存在這世界上的「動物園」,藝術家所創作的各式物種生態,屆時將在國美館與觀眾不期而遇。

“Subzoology: 2020 Taiwan Biennial” beckons, inviting all sentient beings to voice their views on art.

49 artists/artist groups who partake in the Taiwan Biennial for the first time, demonstrating the sheer creative energy of contemporary art in Taiwan. Hosted by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA), the 2020 Taiwan Biennial will be on view from 17 October 2020 to 28 February 2021. Curated by Taiwanese artist YAO Jui-Chung and featuring a total of 49 artists/artist groups who have first-hand experience of Taiwan are invited for the first time to the 2020 Taiwan Biennial, 96 out of the total of 201 exhibits are newly created, a proportion larger than those in previous scales with a riotous profusion of art forms ranging from painting, installation, video and performance art. The 2020 Taiwan Biennial also features the curatorial strategy of empowerment of the new generation curators as a means to promote the development of Taiwanese contemporary art.Apart from the main venue at the NTMoFA, many emerging alternative spaces around Taiwan are invited to host the satellite event and collateral events organized by their respective in-house curators, attempting to broaden the biennial’s transdisciplinary horizons and increase artistic momentum with experimental curatorial strategies. An non-existing “zoo” will be staged at the NTMoFA Adopting “Subzoology” as its main theme, the 2020 Taiwan Biennial revolves around the international issues concerning the human-animal relationship addressed by the scientific, artistic and philosophical scenes. Based on the ten dharma realms in the Diamond Sūtra and treating the “Buddhist path of reincarnation into animals” as the point of departure, the curator seeks to encourage reflection on the long-term human plunderage and domination over natural creatures, stimulate public rumination about ecological and environmental issues, investigate the relations between humankind and other species in the post-pandemic era, and embody the spirit of the biennial, viz., treating the ecology and environment well. The exhibition comprise seven sub-themes “Sacrifice and Salvation,” “The Sub-history of Wildlife Trade,” “Portrait of Unknown Heroes,” “Laboratory/Operating Room/Specimen Room,” “Festivals/Sandbanks/Green Coverage Ratio,” “Beast Mimic/Tortured Beastnoid,” “Habitat/Zoo/National Park” and “Performance & Live Art/Multimedia Installation & Performance.” The biennial configures the exhibition venue into an non-existing “zoo” interlaced by rational deliberations, visceral thrills, and sensory experiences, in which the visitors will have a unexpected to chance encounter with the species and ecologies of all stripes created by the participating artists. 展覽日期:2020/ 10/ 17- 2021/ 02/ 28 展覽地點:國立臺灣美術館101-108、202展覽室、大廳、美術街、戶外廣場、衛星展及平行展展區 開幕式:2020/ 10/ 17 18:30 展覽網站: 策展人: 姚瑞中 YAO Jui-Chung


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