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「與物俱增」一人前光影裝置試驗場 Thing That Talk

一人前體驗劇場系列 - 為樹洞的實驗計劃,希望以「一人觀眾」為坐標,影響本地劇場創作的可能,亦籍以模糊劇場形式的邊界。







意念及創作: 陳一云 Amy Chan

戲劇構作: 張潔盈 Natalie Cheung

平面設計: @yayyeh.yayyeh 曳嘢

監製: 胡家欣

一人前體驗劇場系列策劃: 盧韻淇@treehole樹洞

日期:2020年12月26日 ‑ 2021年1月17日 (逢星期日,二,三,五,六)

時間:下午1時 至 9時

地點:香港灣仔軒尼詩道365-367號富德樓6/F — 《艺鵠藝術空間》

參加者須先預約,每節為30分鐘 ,每次於整點開始。










Light-Installation Testing Ground for a Being Entering the ongoing transfiguring space, A being, Dominating-subordinating-reflecting-diffracting-sublimating-haunting-turning-returning-re-turning, Or the exit to re-entering? How are you going to perform this test in solitude? Presented: Treehole Concept and the Making: Amy Chan Dramaturg: Natalie Cheung Key Visual: yayyeh.yayyeh Producer: Jamie Wu Co-production: Treehole, Drama Collaboratory

Date: 26 Dec, 2020 - 17 Jan, 2021 (Every Sun, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat)

Time: 1pm - 9pm

Location: ACO Gallery, 6/F, Foo Tak Building, 365-367 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

One session every hour; 30 minutes per session. Please refer to the online form for more details. Registration: *Participants will receive email confirmation. $50 will be collected from each participant as deposit, and will be returned after the session. *The venue is a private property. No entrance is allowed without prior registration and confirmation. *There will be strong light effects. *Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes. *Every participant is required to have body temperature taken on entering, and put on a face mask during the entire session. *Disinfection and cleaning will be carried out between each session. We assume no liability of any potential risks. *One staff member on-site. Solo-Audience Project is an experimental series, curated by Wiki Lo Wan Ki, that explore the possibility of creating experiences for a sole person, and tested it to expand the form and definition of performance and art.


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