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「抽象·抽離」鏘鏘三人展|何少中、陶立成、藏淵 / Abstract · Distance|Ho Siu Chung, To Lap Shing, Cang Yuan

Peking Opera in the Contemporary Era Series-Farewell My Concubine 新當代京劇系列-霸王別姬, To Lap Shing, Oil on canvas, 120x120cm, 2021


Echoing to the theme, 3 artists coincidentally distance away from both the eastern and western art essence, and space. Exploring the relationship between the oneself and external by art. Through their works, artists are often able to separate themselves temporarily from daily life, and think about the social circumstances, to express the era and oneself in their unique artistic language.

Vision Beyond lX 景界九, Ho Siu Chung, Oil on canvas, 54x38cm

「抽象·抽離」鏘鏘三人展|何少中、陶立成、藏淵 /

Abstract · Distance|Ho Siu Chung, To Lap Shing, Cang Yuan


Art of Nature


Exhibition Date: 24.03 - 28.03.2021

開放時間:3月24日3PM - 8PM;3月25-28日 10AM - 8PM

Opening Hours: March 24 (3PM-8PM), March 25-28 (10AM - 8PM)


Address: Hong Kong City Hall Exhibition Hall (7/F, 5 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong)

VIP 預覽: 2021年3月24日 3PM - 8PM

VIP Preview: March 24, 2021, 3-8PM

(852) 2416 3632


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