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Gwangju:the Home of Art in Korea


In 1995, the first biennale of Asia was opened in Gwangju. In 2003, a change in the development of the city was marked by the plan of president Roh Moo-hyun to develop the city into a model culture area. In 2015, through the establishment of Asia Culture Centre, Gwangju has reached out to art and culture collection and performance arts. It demonstrated the ambition of Gwangju to turn itself into an international platform of art and culture. However, what looked to be an energetic and powerful cultural plan could not escape political pressure. In the biennale of 2014, the artist Hong Sung Dam’s satirical painting Sewol Owol was twice removed by the exhibition organiser. This, coupled with the rising rent of Daein Art Market and the lack of funding that led to the shutdown of the Octagonal Pavilion Studio, have pressured many artists to leave.

The city review of this issue will look at the twenty years of development of Gwangju Biennale. It examines and reflects upon the changes it has brought to the Korean art scene and its development in the future. It examines the state of contemporary art in Gwangju by looking at its cultural policy and local politics. As the biennale will be opened in September, this issue takes a look at some of the important art organisations and galleries of Gwangju, and will present to the reader an overview of its art.



Content List


Artnews 藝術新聞


Cheng Tong / Alan Robbe-Grillet

陳侗 / 阿蘭.霍格里耶

Anthropomorphism and the Anthropocene epoch


Hsu Chia-Wei—Huai Mo Village Project


Interview with curator of the 11th Gwangju Biennale, Binna Choi


City Review

In Search the traces of 20 years: What can the 11th Gwangju Biennale do?


An art and cultural tour of Gwangju


Korea “Home of Art”—Contemporary Art in Gwangju



British Art to Follow in the Footsteps of Brexit? New Player to Oversee Market?



Inter vs. Trans: When Ink meets eastern gouache


Suisai: Tokyo Strokes Gabriel Orozco solo exhibition

水彩:東京筆觸 加布里埃爾.奧羅斯柯個展

Hong Kong

Chen Ke: Dream· Dew Solo Exhibition at Galerie Perrotin

Botero in Hong Kong at Central Harbourfront Event Space

Chou Yu-Cheng - Chemical Gilding, Keep Calm, Galvanise, Pray, Gradient, Ashes, Manifestation, Unequal, Dissatisfaction, Capitalise, Incense Burner, Survival, Agitation, Hit, Day Light. IIat Edouard Malingue Gallery

Labyrinth(s) at Pearl Lam Galleries

Lam Tung Pang: Planting Time at Tang Contemporary

Szelit CHEUNG, Hilarie HON, Ashlee IP Wai Ting, Him LO at Gallery Exit


Yuko Mohri at Project Fulfill Art Space

Wu Chien- Yi: Lost in Dreamland: The Poem of Grilles on Sec.4, Bade Road at Powen Gallery

Liu Hsin-Yi: Seeking in the Shimmer Solo Exhibition at River Gallery

Looking Glass- A Daniel Lee Retrospective at Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Hsu Yung-Hsu: The Miniature Being Solo Exhibition at Inart Space

Tomoko Hasuwa: Parallel Solo Exhibition at Yiri Arts


Ten Thousand Things: New Works by Wu Jian’An Solo Exhibition at Chambers Fine Art Beijing

Tell Me a Story: Locality and Narrative at Rockbund Art Museum

At the Tailend of Waking: Weaving Singapore’s Post 50th Identity at Mizuma Gallery

wellknown unknown at Kukje Gallery

Exhibitions 展覽精選