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The heart of Indonesian art : Jakarta and Yogyakarta


     In 2005 Christie’s set up the department ‘Southeast Asian Modern & Contemporary Art’ in Hong Kong and followed by the push from Sotheby’s in 2008, a current of Southeast Asian art swept the market with modern artists from Indonesia and Philippine being the most remarkable of all. Among them the painting The Dice Game From the Mahabharata Epic (1971) by the Indonesian modern master Hendra Gunawan was sold for $26,480,000 HKD in a Sotheby’s auction in 2015, breaking the sale record by a single artist. Back in the local art market of Indonesia, Jakarta is the liveliest city of all, but the recent market has not been as active compare to the bustle around 2007 when it saw a period of rapid development of art.

The Indonesia government has not been very effective at supporting the overall development of art. Without quality art infrastructure and the help of cultural policies, alternative spaces have played an important role in giving platforms for artists to show their work. They resist an artistic culture that is dominated by commercial galleries and have helped nurturing Yogyakarta into a capital of art. The City Review of this issue focuses on Jakarta and Yogyakarta. It traces a history of the development of art in these two places and will introduce to the readers their contemporary alternative spaces, biennales, art organisations and practicing artists. It will uncover to you a comprehensive outlook of the Indonesian art scene.

早在2005年香港佳士得已設置了「東南亞及現代和當代藝術」專區、隨後2008年蘇富比跟進,在這波東南亞藝術的浪潮中,印尼與菲律賓現代藝術家最亮眼,其中印尼現代藝術大師亨德拉‧古拿溫(Hendra Gunawan),在2015年香港蘇富比拍賣中,以2648萬港元成交1971年《摩訶婆羅多:班度的骰子》一作,刷新藝術家拍賣最高紀錄。回到印尼本地藝術市場,雅加達為目前最活躍的城市,但相較2007年左右的藝術蓬勃發展期,近期市場黯淡許多。






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City Review: Indonesia

Resisting the Commercialisation of Art: A Brief History of Alternative Space in Indonesia
對抗藝術商業化: 印尼替代空間的簡史

Exploring the Jakarta and Yogyakarta Biennales

Interview with ROH Director, Jun Tirtadji
訪問ROH負責人Jun Tirtadji

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Seize The Life: Contemporary Writing and Painting ∕ Double Square Gallery
寫生: 書寫與繪畫 ∕ 双方藝廊

That Has Been, And Maybe Again ∕ Para Site
世變 ∕ 藝術空間

Alexander Calder Solo Exhibition ∕ Pace Hong Kong

Fractured ∕ Simon Lee Gallery Hong Kong

Shikijo: Eroticism in Japanese Photography ∕ Blindspot Gallery

Gunther Frog Solo Exhibition∕Massimo De Carlo Gallery

Oh Seyeol Solo Exhibition ∕ Art Issue Project

Tao Fa Solo Exhibition ∕ Soka Art Center

Wang Ya-Hui: A Slant of Light ∕ TKG+

Fakeology: Solo Exhibition by Liao Chien-Chung ∕ Absolute Art Space

The Endless Sense of Tranquillity ∕ Crane Gallery

Melisa Teo: The Light Beyond ∕ The Arts House

Innocence Han Sungpril ∕ Yeongang Gallery

Miyake Issey Exhibition: The Work of Miyake Issey ∕ The National Art Centre, Tokyo