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3月香港 藝術全城熱辣辣

Hong Kong in March – A feast for art lovers
3月香港 藝術全城熱辣辣

Text/ Eric Hao-Yuan Weng
Translation/ Phoebe Cheng
文:翁浩原 Eric Hao-Yuan Weng
上圖:Art Basel in Hong Kong 2017 © Art Basel

There is a kind of seasonality in art, especially in the ever-emerging art expos. Towards the end of the Art Stage Singapore in late January, it was not uncommon to see people in the field bidding farewell to each other with “see you in March at Art Basel Hong Kong”.

During the last week of March, the show (ABHK in short), along with Art Central, is expected to gather 350+ galleries in Hong Kong. Together with Sotheby’s and Poly auction which are scheduled in the same week, the city will probably become the world’s top art hub in the brief interval.

藝術是有季節性的,這句話用四處遍地開花的藝術博覽會上,是最恰當不過的。還記得在1月底的登陸新加坡藝術博覽會(Art Stage Singapore),幾乎每一個藝術界的朋友都以「Art Basel Hong Kong 3月見」,作為一個不假思索的離別句。

今年的Art Basel Hong Kong(巴塞爾藝術展香港展會,簡稱ABHK)和Art Central兩大展會即將在3月的最後一週將帶來超過350間的畫廊齊聚香港,更不用說蘇富比和保利將春拍時間定在同一週,讓香港頓時成為世界上藝術密度最高的城市。

2 Still Life 006 Chrysanthemum HiResWu Chi-Tsung, Still Life 006 – Chrysanthemum, Courtesy of the artist and the gallery

Art Basel Hong Kong 2018: Revealing regional charisma in Asia

ABHK achieved a record turnout in 2017 with 80k visitors, and the number might likely be refreshed again in the upcoming show. Growth is noted both in number and diversity of the galleries. With an increase of five galleries, 248 premier galleries will be featuring in the show and representing 32 countries, which has a marked increase from 18 countries in the 2017 edition. Among the galleries, 28 are new to Art Basel. That includes Asia Art Centre, which has branches set up in Beijing and Taipei, Made in Gallery, a Shanghai-based gallery established by Xu Zhen, and Capsule Shanghai, an emerging art space in recent years. Overseas participants such as the New York-based avant-garde gallery 47 Canal, Gavin Brown’s enterprise, which represents many blue chip artists, and Glasgow-based Modern Institute, will also be featuring in the event for the first time. Also worth noting is Carlos/Ishikawa (London) and Hive Centre for Contemporary Art (Beijing) will feature in the Galleries sector this year. Singapore Tyler Print Institute is the only Asian gallery which is featuring in the Art Basels on all three continents.

Art Basel Hong Kong 2017 聚焦亞洲呈現區域魅力

2017年ABHK創下史無前例的8萬人次造訪,今年渴望超前,因為畫廊數量不但成長,而且範圍更加遼闊,畫廊總數成長5間至248間,參展的國家從18個國家,躍升至32個國家,有28間畫廊首次參展,像是北京、台北都有空間的亞洲藝術中心、藝術家徐震所經營的上海沒頂畫廊、近年受到注目的上海膠囊空間;在歐美畫廊部分,則是有經營新銳藝術家的紐約47 Canal、代理許多藍籌藝術家的Gavin Brown’s enterprise,以及英國格拉斯哥的Modern Institute都是首次參與展會。值得一提,倫敦的Carlos/Ishikawa和北京的豐巢藝術中心首度晉身畫廊薈萃(Galleries)主展區,而新加坡的泰勒版畫學院(STPI)是唯一參加3大洲Art Basel的亞洲畫廊。

To differentiate ABHK from the other two Art Basels and Miami Beach, Director Asia Adeline Ooi talked about the unique positioning of ABHK in a media lunch meeting earlier in Taipei, noting that the Hong Kong show was “the only globalized expo in Asia, but also the most Asian expo in the world, because there would be exchanges between East and West, and also within Asia”. As a result, in the Insights sector, Galerie du Monde (Hong Kong) will be putting on a solo show for Taiwan artist Wu Chi Tsung, where two pieces of sight-specific installation and a cyano-collage created specifically for the expo will be exhibited.

為區隔Art Basel的另外兩個巴塞爾和邁阿密海灘的亞洲特色,香港展會總監黃亞君先前在台北的餐會就曾表示:「香港展會是亞洲唯一國際化的展會,也是全世界最亞洲的展會,不只是東西方的交流,還有亞洲內的交流。」這也是,為何她認為ABHK獨特的地方。因此,在亞洲視野(Insights)裡,香港的世界畫廊將帶來台灣藝術家吳季璁的個人作品展,展出兩件場域特定的裝置藝術,和為展會特別創作的大型氰化物拼貼。

At the Discoveries sector, A+ Contemporary (Shanghai) will utilize the entire booth to showcase the installation work by Hong Kong artist Morgan Wong, in which the relationship of absurdity and time will be presented through flashing neon texts and bargain watches. Another sector, the Kabinett, which was introduced last year, will continue to feature special works in the designated area. The ratio between Asian and non-Asian artists this year is almost 1:1. Chi-Wen Gallery will feature the convenient shop installation by Yu Cheng-Ta, and Zurich gallery Galerie Gmurzynska will feature Cuban artist Wifredo Lam, whose works have been shown in various retrospective exhibitions in recent years.

在藝術探新(Discoveries)則有上海A+ Contemporary呈現香港藝術家黃榮法的作品,會將展位轉換成單件的裝置作品,透過閃爍的霓虹文字和廉價鍍金腕錶,營造出荒謬和時間的關係。去年新增加的策展角落(Kabinett),也即將再度登場,讓畫廊可以在主要的展出外,另闢一個角落。今年很特別的是亞洲藝術家和亞洲以外的藝術家,以近乎1:1的形式組成,如Chi-Wen Gallery帶來台灣藝術家余政達的便利商店裝置;蘇黎世畫廊Galerie Gmurzynska帶來近年在各大美術館舉行回顧展的古巴藝術家林飛龍。

The much-anticipated Encounters sector will be curated by Artspace Sydney Executive Director Alex Glass-Kantor for the fourth year. Compared to the 2017 edition, the number of exhibited items will be scaled down from 17 to 12, but two-third of the exhibits are created for the show to encourage audience interactions. Lehmann Maupin (New York), Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (Paris), and König Gallerie (Berlin), will jointly exhibit the renowned One Minute Sculpture by Erwin Wurm, who featured in Austrian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale last year. The latest performance art by Chou Yu-Cheng will be exhibited by Edouard Malingue Gallery (Hong Kong). With the assistance by online housekeeping platform ayibang.com, the artist looks into hygiene, technology, and labour. Last but not least, Mind Set Art Center (Taipei) will feature Liminal Air Space-Time, an attempt to capture the shape of air, created by Shinji Ohmaki, whose bubble-producing units was set up at the Harbour City mall last year.

最受注目的藝聚空間(Encounters),連續四年依然由雪梨Artspace的行政總監Alex Glass-Kantor策劃,雖然比去年的17個作品少5個,但有2/3的作品都是為此次展會製作,多數聚焦在觀眾的參與和互動。如紐約立木畫廊、巴黎的Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac,和柏林的König Gallerie共同呈現去年奧地利威尼斯雙年展藝術家之一Erwin Wurm,展出最有代表性的《One Minute Sculpture》;香港的馬凌畫廊則是帶來周育正全新的表演作品,邀請網路鐘點「家事幫」來探討衛生、科技和勞動;台北的安卓藝術則是帶來,去年在海港城展出泡泡雕塑的日本藝術家大卷伸嗣的《Liminal Air Space-Time》捕捉空氣的形狀等。

3 Shinji Ohmaki HiResShinji Ohmaki, The 8th Enku Grand Award Exhibition, The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu, 2016, Courtesy of the artist and the gallery 

New director at the Art Central to collaborate with 4A in performance art

Art Central is expected to take place at the harbour front for the fourth year with 102 galleries. The number of participating bodies is similar to the previous year, but thirty galleries will be featuring at the show for the first time, and the length of the exhibition will extend one day to last for a whole week. The fair director this year is Shuyin Yang, who was Associate Specialist at Christie’s for Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art. Among the participating galleries, over 75% are from Asian countries, including Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand, so the show is expected to feature a stronger regional characteristic than Art Basel. Also worth-noting is the shift in focus from Korean galleries to the ones that have a branch in either Hong Kong or Taipei, which represent over one-third of all galleries. Meanwhile, Puerta Roja will continue to play a role in bridging the art of Latin America and Asia by featuring the work of Laurent Martin “Lo”. The artist’s cooperation with the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute is much represented by Floating Tea House, a large bamboo installation at the Tainan Wu Garden.

延攬新總監 Art Central再度攜手4A呈現行為藝術

而在進入第4年在中環海濱的Art Central,今年則是有102間畫廊參與,和去年同期相比,數量相差不多,但開放時間延長一天,一共展出7天。今年有30間畫廊新加入,畫廊總數以超過75個百分比的畫廊來自亞太地區,與ABHK相比,區域的色彩更加濃厚,更延攬前佳士得東南亞副總監楊淑茵的加入,可見如新加坡、菲律賓、馬來西亞、泰國等的畫廊。更加深入畫廊名單會發現,來自韓國的畫廊不若過去以往盛行,台灣和香港設有據點的畫廊佔據超過1/3,引領整個藝博會的走向。作為拉美和亞洲的橋樑,Puerta Roja(紅門)將呈現洛朗・馬丁 「Lo」曾為台灣吳園藝文中心設計的巨型竹藝裝置「竹茶頂」,展現他在台灣工藝研究發展中心的合作。

6 LEE Chung Chung A Rusty Call 2017 Ink and color on paper 124 124. HiResLee Chung-Chung, A Rusty Call, 2017, Courtesy of the artist and Liang Gallery

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Australia) will continue its partnership programme with Art Central this year and present a series of live and interactive works. Inspired by the polarities and expansive disparity across societies, the artists will work on concerns of excess and dispossession by daily on-site performances. The participating artists include Caroline Garcia (Australia), FJ Kunting (Indonesia), Sam Lo (Singapore), and artist duo Sampson Wong and Lam Chi Fai (Hong Kong). Pavilion for our living, the new media installation by the Hong Kong duo, contemplates the housing crisis currently affecting Hong Kong citizens. The installation they build in the show will invite participants to experience the struggle of living in micro-apartments.

去年籌劃的行為藝術項目的澳洲4A當代亞洲藝術中心,今年即將再度為Art Central帶來一系列,探討探討當代社會對過度和剝奪議題的互動作品,感召於一個兩極分化和社會差距不斷擴大的時代,藝術家每日會在現場透過表演回應,包含澳洲藝術家Caroline Garcia、印尼藝術家FJ Kunting、新加坡Sam Lo,以及香港藝術家組合黃宇軒和林志輝。其中黃宇軒林志輝的新媒體裝置《Pavilion for our living》深入探討香港市民目前的住房危機。他們將在會場搭建一個空間裝置,邀請觀眾走入,並聆聽住在這些微型單位的居民,是如何在裡頭掙扎。

More exhibitions are also expected to take place in Hong Kong during the same period. Samson Young’s work from the Venice Biennale 2016 will be exhibited at M+ Pavilion. Liang Yi Museum will kick off their latest annual show, The Blue Road: Mastercrafts from Persia. Centre for Heritage Arts & Textile, which is scheduled to open in Spring 2019, will put up a joint exhibition, (In)tangible Reminiscence, at the Annex. The show will revisit the modernisation progress of Hong Kong’s textile and fashion industry through the works of Jung Yeondoo, Iwasaki Takahiro, and Sarah Lai. George Condo will have his first solo, Extended Portrait Compositions, at the Maritime Museum. Not to miss out is the grand opening of H Queen’s, which will add yet another gallery to Queen's Road Central. The work of Christopher Wool will be exhibited in the main hall by the Hill Art Foundation.

同期在香港,M+ Pavilion會展出楊家輝2016威尼斯雙年展的作品;一年換展一次的兩依藏博物館將帶來《藍色之路:來自波斯的瑰麗藝術》;2019即將落成的六廠基金會將在Annex舉行鄭然斗、岩崎貴宏和黎卓華的《觸到的回憶》,向向觀眾展現香港紡織工業的現代化進程;香港海事博物館將有喬治康多的首次個展《Extended Portrait Compositions》;當然還有畫廊群聚的中環皇后大道的H Queen’s的盛大開幕,大廳即將有美國The Hill Art Foundation帶來的Christopher Wool展覽。

(Excerpt from a.m.post March/April 2018;本文為節錄,全文刊載於 a.m.post  03/04月 2018)